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Our Services


FREE Consultation 

This initial session is your opportunity to explore how our unique approach can align with your business needs. We'll assess your current marketing and sales strategies, identify key areas for improvement, and discuss how our tailored solutions can help you achieve your goals. This no-obligation consultation is designed to provide valuable insights and a clear path forward, setting the stage for a successful partnership


Fractional CMSO

Tailored for businesses needing strategic marketing leadership without the full-time executive commitment. As a fractional CMO, I'll collaborate with your team to develop and implement comprehensive marketing strategies, oversee campaigns, and provide guidance to align marketing efforts with your business goals.


Diagnosis and Strategy 

This service is perfect for businesses struggling to identify where their sales or marketing process is breaking down. I'll conduct a thorough analysis of your current processes and provide a strategic plan tailored to your strengths and goals. We'll look at the process from the beginning interaction with your client to the messaging on youe website to the sales conversation.


Marketing Workshops

Personalized sessions designed to enhance your team's marketing skills. These interactive workshops are tailored to your specific needs, covering vital topics like aligning marketing with sales, mastering digital marketing strategies, and crafting authentic brand storytelling. Ideal for businesses or groups, these workshops can be adapted for various durations and complexity levels, providing practical, hands-on learning experiences.


Sales Training/Workshops

Customized to enhance your team's sales skills and strategies. These workshops are crafted to meet unique business needs, focusing on improving sales processes, effective communication techniques, and innovative sales tactics. Designed for both individuals and groups, training sessions use practical, hands-on experiences that are applicable to real-world sales challenges. Ideal to  equip your team with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in today's competitive market.


Pitch Training

Want an effective and engaging intro? Our training focuses on crafting compelling pitches that resonate with your authentic business voice. Learn to communicate your unique value proposition clearly and confidently, whether in networking situations, sales meetings, or formal presentations. We'll guide you through strategies for engaging interactions, ensuring your pitches not only capture attention but also foster meaningful connections.

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